URKA HDF Parquet Code tortilla URKA128

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URKA HDF Parquet Code tortilla URKA128

  • The product is manufactured by EGC's factories.
  • The product is the Economy Class of EGC parquet products, which is manufactured with high quality economic specifications of raw material HDF 700.
  • The heat press degree is 700 ° C.
  • URKA products feature a UNICLIC Installation system (8 mm deep overlap between panels), which in turn ensures a sealed seal and the impossibility of breaks or gaps between the parquet panels, thus preventing water leakage or dust accumulation.
  • URKA parquet is easy to install, as it can be installed on any flat surface, be it concrete floors, tiles or ceramics.
  • URKA parquet contains several layers of insulation distributed between the surface and the bottom, as the upper layers of insulation are responsible for isolating the surface of the parquet and protecting it from water leakage or scratching, while the lower layers of insulation are responsible for providing the highest resistance against heat and moisture.
  • We have a network of agents covering all parts of the Republic.


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الكثافة (الكبس الحراري)700
smik 8 مم
معامل الاحتكاك (كلاس)32
معامل البري (Abrasion coefficient) 3AC
الأبعاد 202×1222
عدد الألواح في كل كرتونة 14 لوح
إجمالي عدد الأمتار داخل الكرتونة 3.456 متر مربع
شكل الحواف مربعة مشطوفة
الضمان 25 سنة ضد عيوب الصناعة
السعر 140 جنيه للمتر