About EGC

EGC History

EGC was established in Egypt at the beginning of 2020, but we have had a presence in many other countries since 2007. Our approach has always been to create a new perspective in the floor and wall industry through fabricating products in accordance with the highest quality standards in the market, utilizing the latest German manufacturing technology, and introducing it to the consumers around the globe at competitive prices.
Thanks to adopting the best manufacturing techniques, applying the highest quality standards and benefiting from the skilled workforce, the company achieved great success through which it was capable of imposing itself powerfully in the markets, entering many countries, and achieving the desired success.


Acquiring leadership and becoming the customer's first choice in the field of wood and waterproof flooring industry in Egypt and the Middle East.


We always strive to produce and provide all customer preferences in the manufacture of wooden and waterproof floors .. Starting from using German technology to create a product with high quality that meets all aspirations and at a price that suits all levels in addition to dazzling all tastes.

About EGC Products

EGC provides the Egyptian market with high quality parquet products under two main brands; EDECCA and URKA, with all accessories required for both.

URKA Parquet Products From EGC

are EGC's Economy Class products manufactured with an economical quality level but without compromising the basic quality standards, which make them the best compared to other products of the same class in the Egyptian market.


EDECCA parquet is manufactured according to special international specifications and designed especially for people with fine taste. Thus, it is a first-class parquet from EGC products.

EDECCA SPC Parquet Products From EGC

EDECCA SPC fully waterproof parquet flooring is the ultimate solution to all flooring problems, so it is an ideal choice for any place, especially places that are constantly exposed to water. It is an exceptional parquet flooring from EGC.


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We have participated in the "Home In" event, which specializes in decorating products and how to choose tasteful furniture and coordinate it with walls, floors and colors. .
And we succeeded in leaving a strong footprint for us there.