EDECCA SPC Parquet Code fisher JY301



EDECCA SPC Parquet Code fisher JY301

  • EDECCA SPC is a flooring product from EGC company under the brand EDECCA.
  • EDECCA SPC is the ultimate solution to all your flooring problems 
  • EDECCA SPC product withstands various environmental conditions; It is made of 100% waterproof Stone Plastic Composite, making it an ideal choice for any place, especially bathrooms, kitchens, and even inside swimming pools, as well as facades and outdoors. 
  • EDECCA SPC flooring is developed on the basis of high-tech, so it is wear-resistant, scratch-resistant and anti-slip. 
  • EDECCA SPC floors are hard, flexible and easy to clean.
  • EDECCA SPC flooring provides a healthy and safe environment as it is anti-bacterial, contains 0 formaldehyde, moisture resistant, prevents the formation of mildew, helps to prevent fires, and prevents the presence of insects completely.
  • EDECCA SPC flooring is available in various colors and exquisite designs of beauty and elegance to suit all tastes and reflect the appearance of natural wood or a luxurious marble look. 
  • EDECCA SPC products feature a Uniclic Installation mounting system (overlap between panels of 8 mm depth), which in turn ensures a tight sealing between panels and the impossibility of joints or voids after installation, thus preventing water leakage or dust accumulation.
  • EDECCA SPC flooring can be installed on any flat surface whether concrete, tile, or ceramic floor.
  • We have a network of agents covering all parts of the Republic.


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المكون الرئيسي SPC (مركب الحجر البلاستيكي)
الأبعاد 4*184*1222 (Marbella ) 4*312*624 (Panels)
شكل الحواف مربعة مشطوفة شطف ليزر
الضمان 30 سنة ضد عيوب الصناعة
عدد الألواح في كل كرتونة16 لوح (Marbella) 18 لوح (panels)
إجمالي عدد الأمتار داخل الكرتونة3.115 (Marbella) 4.05(panels)
اكسسوارات متاح اكسسوارات من نفس خامة المنتج (مضادة للمياه)